Company’s Mission

To introduce the structure and commitment of a youth company centered around the love of the art of dance. We strive to positively lead by example and exude class, unity and strength. Company focuses on developing technique and abilities through exposure to a variety of people, places and experiences while participating in multiple competitions, conventions and performances.


Am I eligible for Company?

Company is by audition only for students 7th grade and up. Auditions are held the week after our spring dance recital.

Potential Performance Opportunities:


  • Theatre in the Park 


  • KC Dance Day


  • Old Settlers Parade


  • Fundraising Event


  • Groove Competition
  • O.N.E. Love Dance Convention
  • Northern Lights Tree Lighting Festival


  • Holiday Showcase


  • Halftime Show at JCCC
  • Lied Center Performance


  • Dancemakers Inc. *
  • Innovative Dance Choreography


  • International Dance Challenge


  • A Chance To Dance
  • National Dance Week Kansas City
  • Prestige Dance Tour


  • Recital
  • Future Stages Festival

Company Expectations:

  • Required Company summer classes will  include Advanced Ballet, Leaps and Turns, and Company Rehearsal.
  • The required Company Fall Enrollment classes are Ballet 3 or 4, Leaps and Turns 2 or 3, and one other class for the fall semester.

  • Participate in all rehearsals, performances and additional events.

  • Attendance at the rehearsal prior to a performance is required to perform.

  • Excessive absences (6 per class) or tardies to class will result in suspension from pieces, performance(s) and/or Company itself.

  • If absence from a rehearsal is unavoidable, dancers are expected to learn any new choreography before the next Company rehearsal. Dancers will have to reach out to the director or fellow Company members to be caught up.

  • Any uncommunicated absence for Company rehearsal is not allowed. If absence or tardy, from a rehearsal is unavoidable, dancers must inform the Company director one week prior to the date of absence.
  • Studio approved rehearsal attire includes hair in a clean ballet bun or french braids with any combination of the following: any black leotard, leggings or jazz pants. All dance shoes need to be brought to all rehearsals. 

  • All Company classes and rehearsals will start at the scheduled time. Please make sure to be early to warm up and be in the classroom, ready to dance when class is scheduled to start.  (Early is on-time, and on-time is late). 

  • Every dancer is required to attend a minimum of one hour of studio time per week, in addition to company rehearsal to focus on company choreography. Studio hour is often the hour before Company rehearsal starts.

  • Dancers must check in during this hour with Miss Molly. 

  • When the Company director/artist is working on a piece you are not in, you are expected to be cleaning other parts of that piece.

  • No cell phones are to be used during Company rehearsals.

  • Company warm-ups include: black Company leggings, Company t-shirt, Company jacket, tennis shoes when wearing warm-ups, hair in a ballet bun and make-up. Studio shorts may be substituted during hot weather.

Skills To Practice

All of these skills are not required, to make The Company. The basic understanding and the desire to learn and correct these skills is necessary. If you would like clarification on any of the following moves please feel free to ask any instructor.
  • Chaine Turns (High and Low)
  • Pique turns
  • Pirouettes ( turned in and out)
  • Soutenus
  • Spotting
  • Arabesque turns
  • Coupe turns
  • Fouette turns with double prep
  • Second turns with double prep
  • Pique turns into fouettes
  • Lame duck into fouettes
  • Pique turn into second turns
  • Lame duck into second turns
  • 3-4 Pirouettes
  • Turns with knees attached
  • Turns with leg lift
  • Attitude turns
  • Tuckjumps
  • Saut de chat
  • Hitch kicks
  • Sautes
  • Saute Arabesque
  • Axels
  • Centers/Seconds
  • Russian leap
  • Stag leaps
  • Barrels
  • Calypso
  • C jumps
  • Turning C Jumps
  • Reverse leap
  • Switch leaps
  • Tour an lair
  • Grand jete
  • Assembles
  • Grand assemble en tournant
  • Grand rond de jambe en l’air
  • Saut de basque
  • Sissonne
  • Sissonne fermee
  • Grande Sissonne ouvert
  • Tow- en l’air
  • Tour jete
  • Brise
  • Scorpion leap/fire bird
  • Jazz slides
  • Jazz rolls/pretzel rolls
  • Backward rolls (with and without layout)
  • ETC.

Audition Process:

  • You will learn two dance’s off of a YouTube video. This video will be sent out one week prior to submission due date.
  • You will be expected to film yourself individually and submit your audition video to Miss Molly.

What to wear for audition:

  • Performance ready hair and makeup
  • Dance shoes
  • Plain black leotard
  • Jazz pants or leggings

Financial Investment

Company Fees Include:

  • Rehearsal expenses for the 12-Month season
  • Guest artists/choreographer expense
  • Group costumes are borrowed from The Studio Company’s Closet. All solo/duets/trios are welcome to borrow costumes with the permission of The Company Director. All costumes must be returned after performances to allow us time to clean.

Company Fee for 2021-2022 – $1,250


Payment Options:

  • One Payment – $1,250.00 Due on July 1st 
  • Two Payments – $625.00 Due on July 1st and December 1st 
  • Four Payments – $312.50 Due on July 1st, August 1st, October 1st, December 1st 

Late fees will be added to any Company fees that have not been paid by December 1st, unless other arrangements have been made with The Studio Owner.

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